Yorkshire Sculpture Park, 14/08/20

Mummy took us to YSP today which was brilliant. We haven’t been for ages and there were some new sculptures to see.

We walked around the lake.

And saw a ginger cow paddling.

We saw some sticks and stones sculptures.

We climbed some trees, collected pine cones and had an icecream. It was a brilliant day.

Touchstones, Rochdale, 23/11/19

Mummy took us to Touchstones again. We saw lots of pictures and we liked the rainbow one.

We watched the videos which were cool.

The sculptures were funny.

Then we went to the museum and saw a fancy toilet.

We got finger monsters from the shop: Chompy and Yellowy.

I was one of the best days ever.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Wakefield, 06/08/19

We went to the Come Rain, Come Shine workshop today. I’ve been before and love it but it was the first time Anna has taken part. We made a sculpture together which was a space station. There was lots of stories to tell about it.

After lunch we went on an adventure and climbed some trees. I wanted to climb very high but mummy wouldn’t let me go all the way to the top of the very big trees.

We found the octopus but we couldn’t touch it. There was a night and day sculpture like the octopus and we could touch that.

We found a big block but didn’t know if it was a sculpture. We looked for a door but there wasn’t one.

We went to a bit of the park we’d not been to before and found a giant person sculpture.

Then we did some hill rolling.

Whitby Abbey, 28/07/19

We went up the 199 steps up to the Abbey. They had ammonites that light up when you find the site of a treasure find. You have to go all around the grounds and in the museum to get all the colours to light up.

Then we watched the Dracula play.

Then we learned how to do jousting. That was fun. I went round three times.

Whitby Museum, 27/07/19

We went to Whitby Museum and did the treasure hunt. I had the blue paper and Anna had the yellow.

Anna’s was easy. Finding the numbers was the hardest bit and the questions were just which is bigger? Your hand or the object.

Mine was the hard one and you have to read the information by the object when you’ve found it. We got all the questions right and got a sticker each.